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Emergency Plumber


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We specialize in Boiler replacement and repairs. If its just a replacement of an old boiler or a complete system, we can deal with it promptly.
We can supply new boilers from stock - we will strive to get your heating system working again as quickly as possible. 

Boiler Replacement

Complete Central Heating Installation

Emergency Boiler Repair

If your old Gas or oil boiler has failed or is causing problems, we can offer a comprehensive replacement service. 
Our qualified and experied team can replace you boiler within a day.
If its a new property, or modifications to an old one, we can fit a system to meet your needs. We will use our experience to fit the most suitable number and size of radiators amd the correct size of boiler. We use only quality materials with a warranty backed by the boiler manufacturer
If you boiler breaks down leaving you without heating and hot water we can help.
Experience with all makes of boilers and availablity of parts from our own stores and local suppliers allows to make quick repairs. We know that getting your boiler repaired immediately is priorty for you.

Central Heating Systems Power Flushing

Radiator and Valve Replacement

Emergency Plumbing Solutions

Sometimes when your system has been running for a few years you can get sludge build up in the radiators and pipework. This reduces the efficency and the effectiveness of the radiators. Our equipment completely flushes the sludge from the system allow the heated water to flow freely, greatly improving the overall effiecency.
Sometime it might just be a single radiator that causes you a problem, we can supply and fit a new unit, sometimes from stock.
The fitting of individual thermostatic valves to radiators can reduce heating costs and allow you to control the temperature in each room
If its just a leaking tap or pipe, or a faulty toilet we can assist. We offer a 24 hour 7 day a week service for all your plumbing emergencies