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We install warm water based underfloor heating systems.

The most efficient form of heating for the home, with no radiators there is extra wall space for furniture etc. The heat source is in the floor, when that heat rises it heats the entire room. The heat spreads through the floor before rising, only requiring affordable 28°C – 55°C warm water as opposed to radiators 70°C – 90°c hot water. Ideally suited to new builds or extensions as installation can be allowed for when making up the floor but there are now overfloor and retro-fit systems that allow for any floor finish, and there's no need to dig up floors.

We can complete the calculations to ensure the site requirements are met. We can supply, install and maintain the system including pipework, manifolds, thermostats and wiring centres. Basically the complete installation.

With warm water under floor heating, you’ll have better control of each room temperature and the house will heat more efficiently.

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